KUZEY ASYA TRADING established  in 2015 in Denizli by the team who has 20 years experience in the textile sector .

Owner of the company  has worked for  many different textile factories who are producing fabric and home textile products.

It was the time to use their experiences for their clients to give them price advantages and offer best options.In Denizli there are very good producers but do not know how to sell their products and how to prepare collection , how to exhibit in fairs.Kuzey Asya  made an agreement with its producers to operate their marketing in foreign market and for consultancy .We are working as the marketing company of below producers.

Till now , Kuzey Asya Trading has supplied below products for their customers from the all over the world and offered them best designs , best prices and qualities.Now waiting for you to be best partner of you.

The most important service they provide to their customers is the solutions .They offer   the sense of design introducing real life to modernism.

Product range is  as below .

*Shirting and trouser fabric for men and woman and children.

*Bedlinen (printed and piece dyed and digital printed ) ranforce , sateen , jacquard weave.

*Towels (bath towels , teatowels , handtowels etc)


*Peshtamals&Peshtamal Bathrobes